Plans for later in 2018!

Hey everyone, PJCLink here. I’m about reveal some plans that I have in store for later in 2018. These plans involve new sites, such as CenRealActa Online (a backup site), The Book of Mudora (Zelda Fan Fiction Project Lore Site), and CenRealActa Forums (Main Forums Site). New secondary brand names such as White Wolf Studios as a secondary brand name to represents my original games and Mudora Studios as a secondary brand name to represent my Zelda fan fiction content. Then also my works like:

Fan Fiction:

  • The Untold Legends of Zelda Fan Project – Phase 1 – The Hero of Time Era
  • TULoZ: The Hylian Bible Fan Fiction
  • TULoZ: The Dark Chronicles – Arc 1 – Dark Madness
  • At least one new TULoZ fan game to show this year at NCFC (Nintendo Community Fangame Convention)

Original Fan Fiction (Zelda Based and Inspired):

  • The Legacy of Link (A new alternate reality animated series inspired by Zelda and a a spinoff installment to TULoZ)
  • The Life of PJCLink (Live Action)

Original Fiction:

  • The Curses of Life (Anime/Manga Style Comic Book Series)
  • Thy Christ Mythontasy (Religious Theme JRPG Style Video Game Series)

There are much more planned and not all of these will get to be shown off or release this year. This is just a list of most of what could come this year or next year. Anyways, that’s all for now. Please stay tuned for more news.

The Main Site for my Zelda Fan-Fiction Project is now Launched and made public!

Hey everyone, PJCLink here! I know it’s been a very long time since I posted a new blog. I just want you all to know that my Zelda Fan Fiction Project’s main site is now open and made public for fellow Zelda fans to view. The site is still under construction and in a work in progress state. But once I start releasing installments for my fan fiction project, the site will start to grow and appear to be a more like a complete site where more and more content would be added. I also plan on starting a forum there as well, once I get enough people on board and supporting the project. There, people will be able to talk and discuss things about and related to my fan project. Basically, they will be able to share their ideas, theories, and feedback just as people do for the official series currently.

Keep in mind that the project is unofficial fan-fiction meant for fun and entertainment only. It is nothing official and not meant to be taken seriously. So please don’t treat anything exclusively from the project and the project’s main site as official fact, cause none of is and is just made up purely for the sake of fun of Zelda fandom and being a Zelda fan. Anyways, here’s the link:

Project LoZ Secrets

Have a good day! 🙂

Special Project LoZ: Legend of Zelda Update!

To celebrate the tenth year anniversary of my old Zelda fan-fiction series, Revenge of Dark Link, I’ve decided to make a very special update! For those who don’t know, ten years today, I released my very first Zelda fan video. That video was originally called Dark Link’s Revenge. And it was supposed to be a fan-fic movie, but since it had to be split into two parts, I ended up making it into fan-fic series. It eventually got the Revenge of Dark Link cause I was such noob on Youtube at the time and didn’t realize that it takes a while for the video come up in the search at the time. So not knowing this at first, I tried changing the title to see if it come into the search, but then it still didn’t, so searched for how to get it in the search. And that’s when I realized that it takes time to get into the search.

To avoid waiting longer for it to be in the search, I decided to leave it as Revenge of Dark Link. Especially since it sounded like a cooler name anyways. So that’s how the series got it’s name. For those who are new to my fan-fic work, here’s a link to what’s left of the old series:

RODL Episode Archive Playlist

To see more of my videos, here’s link to the rest of my videos, including another RODL episode:

PJCLink’s Videos

Anyways, now for the news regarding the new fan-fiction project, LoZ: Legend of Zelda! I have two fan-fic movies planned for next month and August. And in the Fall, I will air an upcoming new fan-fiction series. Here is the release schedule:


June 2017 – Fan-Fic Movie#1

August 2017 – Fan-Fic Movie#2

October 2017 – Fan-Fic Series#1

I will release more details in the near future! For now, stay tuned.

For those who think Zelda64 Link’s hair is the same as Z1&2 Link’s hair!

Lately after sharing something I did in the new Zelda game, Breath of the Wild, recreating the look of Zelda 64 Link, using the Cap of Time, Tunic of the Wild, Trousers of the Hero, Sword from Z1 and Z2, and Hylian, people have told me that Zelda 64 Link doesn’t have OoT Link hair, that he actually has Zelda 1 & 2 Link hair. Yes, in the early tech demo from 1995, he did. However, that’s NOT the version of him that I was trying to recreate the look of.

This version:

of Zelda 64 Link is the one I was trying to recreate. As you could see in my shared twitter post. Now here is the result of my attempt at recreating his look in Breath of the Wild:


Now, he does look a lot like Zelda 64 Link doesn’t he? Well, apparently some person on Discord said otherwise when I shared my twitter post on one of the Zelda Universe chats on Discord. The user said that Zelda 64 Link’s hair is more like Z1 Link’s hair than OoT Link’s. That is WRONG! Here is a comparison image I made with photoshop:


As you can see here. The hair of Zelda 64 Link is more like OoT Link’s hair. Hence the equal sign in the comparison with my recreated look of Zelda 64 Link in Breath of the Wild in 2017 and Zelda 64 Link himself as he looked in 1996. Then you have “does not equal” sign in the comparison of Zelda 1 Link and Zelda 64 Link. The whole point of that is to show the comparison in hairstyle. And as you can see. Zelda 64 Link’s hair is NOTHING like Zelda 1 Link’s hair.

My whole intent on this, was simply to recreate the look of the early Zelda 64 Link from the stage of development shown in the pictures. And as far as I know and what is clearly shown in the shared images, that version of Zelda 64 Link that I was trying to recreate the look of had the SAME hairstyle as his final release counterpart, OoT Link! So by using the Cap of Time, green dyed Tunic of the Wild, the Trousers of the Hero, the Sword from Z1, and the Hylian Shield, I managed to recreate the early Zelda 64 Link shown in the images shared. I used a dyed Tunic of the Wild so that the shade of green on the tunic will match the shade of green on the Cap of Time.

Anyways, that’s all for now. Later, once I can manage to get a video capture device, I will make a video showing off my Zelda 64 Link look in Breath of the Wild and explain how I did it! I will also talk about how I think Nintendo took inspiration from fan desire to return of Zelda 64 Link to create the new Link from BotW based off of his design. Anyways, this is my first blog post for this site just so you people know. Hope you at least enjoyed the read.

I also still have plans for my fan project LoZ: Legend of Zelda. So please stay tuned for more news on that. Also, keep in mind that LoZ: Legend of Zelda is just a fun fan project with it’s own fan canon take on the Zelda timeline, so please don’t treat it is fact or official. I don’t own rights to franchise. I’m just making a fan fiction project purely for the fun and enjoyment of expressing and declaring my fandom of the franchise to the world! So please support Nintendo and their official releases, especially including Breath of the Wild! Nintendo works hard on these games so I recommend showing them support, honor, and most importantly, respect. Peace! 🙂