Special Project LoZ: Legend of Zelda Update!

To celebrate the tenth year anniversary of my old Zelda fan-fiction series, Revenge of Dark Link, I’ve decided to make a very special update! For those who don’t know, ten years today, I released my very first Zelda fan video. That video was originally called Dark Link’s Revenge. And it was supposed to be a fan-fic movie, but since it had to be split into two parts, I ended up making it into fan-fic series. It eventually got the Revenge of Dark Link cause I was such noob on Youtube at the time and didn’t realize that it takes a while for the video come up in the search at the time. So not knowing this at first, I tried changing the title to see if it come into the search, but then it still didn’t, so searched for how to get it in the search. And that’s when I realized that it takes time to get into the search.

To avoid waiting longer for it to be in the search, I decided to leave it as Revenge of Dark Link. Especially since it sounded like a cooler name anyways. So that’s how the series got it’s name. For those who are new to my fan-fic work, here’s a link to what’s left of the old series:

RODL Episode Archive Playlist

To see more of my videos, here’s link to the rest of my videos, including another RODL episode:

PJCLink’s Videos

Anyways, now for the news regarding the new fan-fiction project, LoZ: Legend of Zelda! I have two fan-fic movies planned for next month and August. And in the Fall, I will air an upcoming new fan-fiction series. Here is the release schedule:


June 2017 – Fan-Fic Movie#1

August 2017 – Fan-Fic Movie#2

October 2017 – Fan-Fic Series#1

I will release more details in the near future! For now, stay tuned.

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