Plans for later in 2018!

Hey everyone, PJCLink here. I’m about reveal some plans that I have in store for later in 2018. These plans involve new sites, such as CenRealActa Online (a backup site), The Book of Mudora (Zelda Fan Fiction Project Lore Site), and CenRealActa Forums (Main Forums Site). New secondary brand names such as White Wolf Studios as a secondary brand name to represents my original games and Mudora Studios as a secondary brand name to represent my Zelda fan fiction content. Then also my works like:

Fan Fiction:

  • The Untold Legends of Zelda Fan Project – Phase 1 – The Hero of Time Era
  • TULoZ: The Hylian Bible Fan Fiction
  • TULoZ: The Dark Chronicles – Arc 1 – Dark Madness
  • At least one new TULoZ fan game to show this year at NCFC (Nintendo Community Fangame Convention)

Original Fan Fiction (Zelda Based and Inspired):

  • The Legacy of Link (A new alternate reality animated series inspired by Zelda and a a spinoff installment to TULoZ)
  • The Life of PJCLink (Live Action)

Original Fiction:

  • The Curses of Life (Anime/Manga Style Comic Book Series)
  • Thy Christ Mythontasy (Religious Theme JRPG Style Video Game Series)

There are much more planned and not all of these will get to be shown off or release this year. This is just a list of most of what could come this year or next year. Anyways, that’s all for now. Please stay tuned for more news.

Author: cenrealactaproductions

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